Stone Smash was released in late 2005 for Windows PCs,
available on CC & SH's website. A variation of the traditional bat-and-ball
brick-breaking game, Stone Smash also featured many cameo appearances from CC & SH
characters, most of which saw their debuts in this game.

Release History

Windows PC

Stone Smash was as a free download on December 18, 2005. On August 27, 2006, it was re-released on CC & SH Smash Hits,
and was the only game that remained free to download
from their website as a "demo" for Smash Hits.

Internet Browsers

A version for internet browsers was released on March 14, 2013 - just a few months
over seven years after the initial release. There were a few aesthetic changes,
such as a title screen and a game over screen, but for the most part, it was
identical to the previous version.

Xbox Live Indie Games

In production for a 2015 release window, is an adaptation of Stone Smash for Xbox 360.
Other than being optimised to run on Xbox 360, no changes are expected from the original game.

Atari 2600

Also in production for 2015, is a homebrew cartridge for Atari 2600.
Character cameos are expected to be retained to some degree, and the levels will echo
their original design to keep the game unique from others in the genre on the same console.



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