CC & SH Smash Hits was the first CD-ROM release from CC & SH.
After the original site's webhost dialed back bandwidth and disk space, it became necessary to distribute the freeware games from the site in another way.
CC & SH Smash Hits collected all of the company's games that had been released at that time except for Chomperman, which was being remade for release a year later.

CC & SH Smash Hits was released in August of 2006. In addition to Stone Smash and Shady's Poopong, the disc had four other games:
Ping!, Espionage Racer, Bam 'N Jam, and Spaced Out!!

Other Games


Ping! was the first game release for CC & SH. It features a small green ball with a smile (the titular character)
who collects diamonds and fights the Boxx Empire to save his girlfriend.

Ping! is a more strategic take on the maze game formula. Ping! is equipped with "Coin Bombs",
which he can use not only to defeat enemies, but also destroy certain walls. The player must use Ping!'s
Coin Bombs and his or her deductive reasoning to find the best way to collect the level's diamonds and defeat the wicked bosses.

Espionage Racer

Espionage Racer takes players on a quest to stop a rash of car bombers.
Agent Nosferatu drives his specially equipped car, the Moebius, and takes to the streets to stop these terrorists.

Bam 'N' Jam

Bam 'N Jam was the most popular of CC & SH's library, boasting more downloads than
all of their other titles combined. It seems that the simple,
frantic, bite-sized gameplay made it quite the winner.
Players click different colors of pixels as they zoom across the screen for 15 seconds, gaining points on
blue, green, and pink pixels, but losing points when yellow ones are clicked.

Spaced Out!!

Spaced Out!! is a frantic space-shooter that takes place during a new space race in the near future. Unfortunately, it seems
that something is out there in the deepest reaches of the unknown, and it is causing the ships to malfunction.
As an expert fighter pilot known only as Slim, players take to stopping this menace from reaching Earth.


CC & SH Smash Hits was available for CD-ROM. Currently, it is not available for purchase, but it may again be, sometime in the near future.

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