Shady's Poopong is a one-player ping-pong game set in a toilet.
The paddles are replaced by turds, and the ball is the head of CC & SH mascot Shady.

Release History

Windows PC

Shady's Poopong was released on an unknown date in 2006. It was later part of the
CC & SH Smash Hits collection released on August 27 of the same year.

Internet Browsers

Shady's Poopong was ported to internet browsers on March 14, 2013, along with Stone Smash.
Other than a title screen and an advertisement for Shady's Poopong: 20th Anniversary Edition,
no alterations were made.


A port of the browser version was released for the Android mobile operating system on April 6, 2013.
Other than touch screen controls, this version is virtually identical.

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