Chomperman is a maze game where players attempt to eat all of the pizza before he or she is captured by a mushroom.
The player isn't utterly defenseless, however; eating a cheeseburger causes the mushrooms to be vulnerable.

Release History

Windows PC (2005 Freeware Release)

The original version of Chomperman was initially released through CC & SH's website in
2005. It was, however, remade the following year due to rather overt similarities to some other maze game.

Windows PC (2006 release)

Chomperman was remade from the ground up and re-released in September of 2006. It was
the final CC & SH release until 2013. All of the graphics were redrawn to be unique, and additional mazes were introduced.
Click the box art to the right to purchase Chomperman.

Browser (2014 release)

A version of Chomperman was released on August 26, 2014 for play in web browsers. Instead of the endless gameplay of the PC CD-ROM release,
it has a set number of levels, with small cutscenes every few levels. Click the image at left to play!

Other Versions

Additional versions of Chomperman are planned for 2016 release on Android and Ouya.
Each version has some unique feature exclusive to itself.



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